Mafatih el Jannah, a non-profit association empowering people with Down syndrome in education, communication, and job opportunities to get them integrated in society , has joined forces with us , as their sponsor and official partner. Together, we've  launched the #كن معنا (#BeWithUs) campaign in B.B. Arreridj, Algeria.

This campaign aims to raise awareness about Down syndrome and find kind-hearted individuals to support them. People can participate as volunteers, donors, or by registering individuals with Down syndrome through a QR code and online form.

To bring the campaign to life, we've hosted a special event “Mahkamat el Ghaba play (the forest court) “ at La Maison de Culture, on World Down Syndrome Day (March 21st).

We've played a key role in animating the event, which attracted more than 400 attendees.


Brand Visuals Identity Design, Community, Digital, event, Motion Design, non profit, Website Building


We partnered with Mafatih al Janah non-profit association to launch the (#كن معنا) (#BeWithUs) campaign. Our initiative aimed to educate and build a supportive community about Down syndrome, encouraging volunteering, donations, and registrations.

We implemented a strong visual identity across various platforms: Mafatih al Jannah's Official Website, Social Media,  and Offline Materials (Posters, T-shirts, Macarons), there were also a small store  on the day of the event ( 21 march) for selling items in order to create more engagement, which was an opportunity for everyone to help, even kids, furthermore, the Mahkamat al Ghaba play featured individuals with Down syndrome in acting roles.

The campaign's logotype (#كن معنا) symbolized ongoing kindness with a color palette reflecting healthcare, trust, and peace, which are Mafatih el Janah’s mission and the campaign objectives.

Despite 7 days of preparation, the campaign was a success, showcasing the importance of raising awareness about individuals with Down syndrome.

The event witnessed the presence of major media outlets such as the National Algerian Broadcast channel ENTV and Elchrouk TV...

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