Step into the rich tapestry of African culture with La Mousse d'Or, a coffee brand. Our packaging design pays homage to the diverse and authentic essence of Africa, drawing inspiration from its captivating cultures, mesmerizing patterns, and colorful outfits.

At the heart of our design concept are the evocative patterns found in the jewelry and traditional attire of African communities. Each element of the packaging reflects the deep-rooted heritage and artisanal craftsmanship that define these cultures. From the bold geometric shapes to the unique motifs, every detail tells a story of tradition, connection, and celebration.

The color palette is a celebration of Africa's natural beauty, with rich earth tones, warm hues, and flashes of gold translating the sun-kissed landscapes and shimmering treasures of the continent. These colors not only evoke a sense of warmth and comfort but also symbolize the richness and abundance of African soil.


3D Visualization, Coffee, Culture, FMCG, Motion Design, Packaging Design


Café Mousse D'or


Our approach was to create designs that proudly celebrate the continent's rich heritage.

Cultural Homage: We pay tribute to Africa's diverse cultures by incorporating patterns and motifs inspired by traditional attire and jewelry into our packaging design.

Evocative Patterns: From bold geometric shapes to intricate motifs, our packaging design tells stories of tradition, connection, and celebration.

Color Palette: Warm earth tones and radiant flashes of gold not only evoke Africa's natural beauty but also symbolize the continent's richness and abundance, infusing our packaging with warmth, comfort, and a touch of luxury.

Pride in Belonging: Our creative process was motivated by our strong bond with African heritage, producing designs that celebrate the continent's rich legacy.

ATAKOR Brand Packaging design digital studio
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