A digital Journey to a restaurant

Website Design & Building For a Moroccan Restaurant In Paris


Discover How We Transformed Restaurants Ambiance and Menu into an Online Experience

In the heart of Paris lies Figuig, a Moroccan restaurant bursting with flavor and culture. Our task? To capture its authentic charm and delicious dishes in a digital space.

Inspiration from Figuig's Beauty:

We started by soaking up the restaurant's cozy vibes and stunning decor. Its colors and intricate tableware inspired our digital design, from vibrant patterns to rich textures.

Reflecting Moroccan Cuisine's Diversity:

The menu is a journey through Morocco's rich culinary landscape. From savory tagines to the delicious B'stilla, every dish tells a story. Our goal? To showcase the beauty of the culture online.

Photos figured in the case study are the property of the restaurant* 


Crafting an Engaging Website:

With the restaurant's visual spirit in mind, we built a website that feels like stepping into it. We designed an authentic experience, and vibrant visuals, including patterns inspired by the restaurant's tableware, bring the country's experience to life.

Result: A Taste of Morocco digitally

The final product? A digital haven that transports users to the restaurant's doorstep. 


Culture, Digital, Motion Design, Restaurants, Website Building


Figuig Restaurant

Photos figured in the case study are the property of the Figuig restaurant* 

Brand Visual Identity

Explore the feel and get the real visual experience of the restaurant

Brand Patterns Design 

Inspired from the restaurant's tableware and interior design

Palette & shapes

ATAKOR Brand Packaging design digital studio
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